10 Minute Plays

Weekend One

January 21-22

Plays 1-4 will be performed on both evenings of weekend one.

Performances will be held at The Hjemkomst Center.

Ricky and Ready

by Colleen Nicole O’Doherty

Omaha, NE

Allyson has some news to break to her mom, but she doesn’t want to hear it. The public library, its ample supply of self-help and erotica, and the local librarian might just help them be ready to talk.

Cast & Crew

Director – Michaela Pytlik

Jeanie Smith-Murphy

Kirstin Shockley

Libby Stoltenow

The Most Precious Thing

by Amy Dellagiarino

North Hollywood, CA

World-weary Jaqueline is forced to evaluate her life’s value before time runs out.

Cast & Crew

Director – Clayton Perala

Libby Stoltenow

Reid Strand

The Maltese Walter

by John Minigan

Framingham, MA

On the eve of his wedding, mild-mannered accountant Walter visits therapist Dr. Eddy with a big problem: Walter’s fiancée Vera refuses to marry him unless he gives up his superpower and secret identity, Noir-Man, able to transform any moment into film noir. When Vera arrives, she and Dr. Eddy convince Walter to “go straight,” but the therapy takes an unexpected turn.

Cast & Crew

Director – Cody Rowe

Jim Luchsinger

Aimee Klein

Emma Beyer

Eating the Q

by Noah Habenstreit

Chestertown, MD

Was it a freak accident that disturbed Matt and Mandy’s game night, or were murderous intentions at play? After a game of Scrabble goes awry, a young married couple is forced to take a hard look at their relationship.

Cast & Crew

Director – Matthew Smith

Craig Roath

Grace Morton

Weekend Two

January 28-29

Plays 5-8 will be performed on both evenings of weekend two.

Performances will be held at The Hjemkomst Center.

It's the Effing Podcast!

by John Juhl

Fargo, ND

The small, quirky town of Effing has a podcast! Proud Effing resident Phil Puttfarken attempts to record his Effing podcast in the storage closet of the Effing Library, next to the men’s restroom.

Cast & Crew

Director – Kendra Gilsdorf

Matt Hallaway

Anthony Birklid

Jim Luchsinger

Tracy Aronson

Porch Light

by Mark Alan Sanderson

Billings, MT

A brother and sister on the cusp of middle age find themselves together on the back porch of their childhood home. With resentment and regret, they must try to come to terms with caring for their dying father, and the legacy of a broken family.

Cast & Crew

Director – Keith Schweigert

Jeff Rondeau

Meri Quanbeck

Jim Luchsinger

Phone Friend

by Jonathan Josephson

Pasadena, CA

When a chance wrong number links two complete strangers in the middle of the night, their common humanity may help them survive their personal demons.

Cast & Crew

Director – Krissy Borud

Aimee Klein

Craig Roath

Domestic Disturbance

by Hope Hommersand

River Forest, IL

An argument between a divorcing couple and the intervention of a real estate appraiser leads to a farcical situation that reveals a secret.

Cast & Crew

Director – Charles Newman

Anthony Birklid

Rachel Delaney

Reid Strand